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The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a groundbreaking technology that serves as the cornerstone of a decentralized internet

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Developer Education and Training

At ICP.Hub Sahara, we are steadfast in our commitment to empowering the next generation of web3 developers. We offer comprehensive training programs and resources that span a wide spectrum of technologies, encompassing JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Rust, and Motoko. Our goal is to ensure that our developers are not just well-equipped but poised to lead the charge in the web3 realm.

Ecosystem Building

Our mission is to actively foster a dynamic web3 ecosystem in West Africa by engaging in close-knit collaborations with key opinion leaders (KOLs),influential figures, and the developer community. We are committed to creating an ecosystem in which innovation thrives, and decentralization becomes the prevailing paradigm.

Startup Incubation

We provide an enabling environment for startups to flourish, offering invaluable mentorship, resources, and opportunities to early-stage companies. We stand with these innovative entities as they navigate their journey to build and scale web3-based solutions on the IC.

Events and Engagement

ICP.Hub Sahara pulsates with energy, continually serving as the epicenter of innovation and learning. Our diverse array of events, from bootcamps and workshops to ideation sessions, hackathons, fireside chats, and speaking engagements, nurture an environment that catalyzes learning, networking, and collaboration among our community members.

About ICP Hub Sahara

Beyond Education

ICP Hub Sahara also plays a pivotal role in securing mutually beneficial partnerships and offering grants to foster community and developer-related programs. Additionally we wield influence in introducing web3-based startups to further investment opportunities with venture capitalists.

Company Vision

Investing In The Digital Future

We envision a future in which the internet stands fully decentralized, with web3 innovations driving positive change across industries. By providing the resources, knowledge, and unwavering support required to develop web3 solutions on the IC, our aim is to empower West African developers and entrepreneurs to assume leadership roles in this transformative era.

Join Our Ambassador Program

Building A Strong Ecosystem

Our "ICP Hub Sahara Ambassadors" program is designed to empower individuals passionate about advancing the ICP ecosystem, building vibrant communities, and contributing to the tech landscape in the region.

Ignite Your Creativity in the ICP Ecosystem

Hack and Earn Initiative

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Internet Computer (ICP) and be rewarded for your skills? We present to you the Hack and Earn Initiative – a two-month-long hackathon designed to inspire, challenge, and reward developers who are eager to contribute to the ICP ecosystem through ICP.Hub Sahara.

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Running a Node on the Internet Computer Protocol VS Blockchain Mining
Running a Node on the Internet Computer Protocol VS Blockchain Mining

For users familiar with established blockchains like Bitcoin, the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) can introduce some unfamiliar terminologies, particularly, the roles of node providers and miners which often get intertwined. In this article, we'll shed light on this key distinction. By understanding the unique functionalities of each, you'll gain a clearer picture of how ICP operates and the opportunities it presents.

Steps and Considerations Before Venturing into a Blockchain Project
Steps and Considerations Before Venturing into a Blockchain Project

It is no doubt that blockchain holds promise for revolutionising many industries across all boards, it's also essential to recognise that irrespective of the potential Web3 or blockchain has, not all technological innovation needs to be roped into the Web3 paradigm. We see a lot of potential projects get roped into Web3 with a short adoption time frame, knowing fully well that more than half of the population in this region (West Africa to be precise) still has a couple of years before they can boast of full adoption of blockchain into their every day lives. Investors also consider this when trying to invest in a project, questions like user adaptability, duration of the project’s feasibility and usability and lots more influence their choices.

How to Acquire Free Cycles in Deploying Your DApps on ICP Mainnet
How to Acquire Free Cycles in Deploying Your DApps on ICP Mainnet

Overview of Cycles on the Internet Computer Protocol Think of Cycles as the fuel that powers your dApps on the ICP network. Every action performed by a canister (ICP's smart contract equivalent) consumes cycles, including: Computation: Executing code within the canister. Storage: Persisting data on the network. Messaging: Sending and receiving messages between canisters.